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Glossary of Magickal Terms

Magic: spelled with a c, Magic of this type is purely ILLUSION. It is the "Pull a rabbit out of the hat" sort. I use this spelling here only because those new to witchcraft and spell use may not yet know the difference and it is the only way to be found by them on the net.

spelled with a k, Magick of this type is REAL and has been practiced for thousands of years. Also called 'witchcraft', It is the art of manipulating energy. In and of it self, it is not good or bad, not white or black. The REASON Magick is being performed gives it its moniker. Magick can be practiced in many forms - the following list names just a few.

Black Magick:
Considered the "Left Hand Path" or Dark Magick, it is often thought of as evil and can be used to cause harm or for personal gain without consideration of others. Black Magic has valid uses that are not malevolent. Most witches will not perform Black Magic.

White Magick:
Considered the "Right Hand Path" or Light Magic, it is to be used for "Good" - there are basic Laws of Magic of which the Rule of 3 is a big player -- it states that what ever you do will come back to you times 3, so if you do good, you will get back 3 times as much good.

Knot/Cord Magick:
a very potent form of witchcraft called "Binding". "Binding" attaches one person, energy or thing to another person, energy or thing. My favorite use of Knot Magick is as a type of storage for spells. It allows me to bind energy to a notion that can be sent to others. The stored spell can then be used by following a few easy steps.

Like the needles and thread you need for sewing, Magickal Notions are the little things needed in spell casting such as paper, thread, candles, ink etc. They are NOT to be confused with RITUAL items.

Ritual Items: The Magickal items used in the Spell Ritual. These are a witch's personal "tools of the trade" so to speak. Different traditions use different items, but they generally include items such as the Cauldron, Broom, Athame and Wand.

Potion: A blend of Magickal ingredients assembled for a specific purpose. Often, potions are liquid, but you will find dry blends here as well. Potions do NOT need to be ingested to be effective & in fact, you should not consume a potion unless you witness its preparation.

Witch Bottle:
A small bottle filled with various bits and pieces meant to ward off evil energy and protect against spells from other witches. The bottles are often filled with sharp or shiny objects in addition to various herbs, strings and other small items. The assortment of fillings is meant to engage the wanton energy and "trap" it inside. The common Christian misconception is that the bottles were meant to trap and destroy witches, but in reality, it was the witches that MADE the bottles for their own protection.

A small object that has been enchanted with the intention of drawing a specific type of energy or spirit to it.

Enchanting is a special magickal technique that turns an ordinary object into an energy magnet. The enchanted object will then gather and hold a specific type of energy. Enchanted objects are also called talismans.

Haunted: Charms and Enchanted items can become "haunted" because their power of attraction is so strong. The spirits become attached to the item and feed on the energy that the charm is intended to attract.  This is usually a good thing. Haunted items are often prized possessions because their owners can benefit from the sated spirit.

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