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~ Chara Sidhe ~

Is it your desire to chat with Fairies? Do you find their magickal world intriguing? Have you ever wanted to find a Fairy Ring?

DO something about it!! 

Become a friend of the Fae now!

  • become able to find
    and see Fairy Rings
  • communicate with Fairies
  • connect with the Faery Realm

     This is a special ancient Irish spell passed down on my father's side. Chara Sidhe means Friend of Fairies. It has been triple cast and will come to you stored in a notion. You release the spell when you are ready! Easy to follow instructions are included.
      Be careful when dealing with Faery Folk - they can be quite friendly and peaceful, but often tend to be mischievous and are known to be malicious at times.  Because the Fae exist in the Magickal Realm, there is no Human magick that can protect against their ill will if they should choose to target you. This spell will not CAUSE the Fae to target you or be attracted to you - they retain their free will and can choose to do what they like. The spell will merely let you communicate with them should they choose to be in your vicinity. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with Faery Lore BEFORE using this spell -- you are also  warned not to cross into a Fairy Ring! If you are having trouble with malicious Fairy Folk, please contact me for a special brew of my  Fairy Repellant potion.. Questions? Read more about my Magick Spells and check the FAQs


Shipping for this magick spell is Free to US addresses via First Class mail


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